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You like to watch free movies online, but you do not always have the time to walk on the cinemas? You like to watch educational programs about traveling and wildlife, but tired to catch your favorite programs on different cognitive channels? Your children love to watch cartoons and children's educational programs? Then online cinema ruskino.net - this is what you need!

Free movies on ruskino.net

On our portal it is widely presented movies for every taste, for audiences of all ages. Adult movies and movies for family viewing. Documentary, journalistic, historical newsreels for anyone interested in national and world history. Educational programs and films about wildlife for those who love to travel - in fact personally visit all corners of the world, nobody can. Training and education programs for young viewers - these programs will help your children to significantly improve performance in school and expand their horizons. A large collection of animated cartoons for youngest viewers. And, of course, a huge selection of domestic and foreign feature films for every taste. The most popular genres: исторический, Adventure, Family, Action, In original language, мультфильмы.

Arthouse и Biography, Documentary and classics Chronicle. There is not a spectator who does not find us a movie to your liking.

The unique technology, which we use for broadcast video, allowing you to watch movies online in good quality on a variety of devices: PCs and smartphones, tablets and TVs with SmartTV function.